Internet of Things

Internet of Things

In 1990 the Web Browser was invented and changed the world by enabling us to interact with the many web sites connected to the World Wide Web. The Internet of Things refers to a new era where an even larger number of devices, or things, will be connected. How they do this is the big question and many complex solutions are being proposed. What is needed is a simple solution that allows us to interact with devices as simply as we interact with websites.

Xped Solution- DeB - Device Browser

Xped Solution

Xped creates the world’s first Device Browser for a new generation of device. Simpler to design, simpler to use. Developers…say goodbye to writing device apps. Users…simply tap a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphone to a device, and it’s ready to control! Eliminates having an app for every brand or type of device. Take control of devices in your life in a simple and natural way.

Xped ADRC Shield

Xped ADRC Technology

An advanced smartphone interface for Arduino Projects and other devices. Be the first to experience this revolution. Use your phone to Automatically Discover and Remote Control your project, with the ADRC shield. Create beautiful, sophisticated and powerful smartphone interfaces for your projects with no app development, just a few lines of code.

Xped Kickstarter Campaign Launched