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As the web browser changed the world by enabling us to interact with any web site, Xped’s breakthrough technology, the Device Browser, enables us to interact with a new generation of device, irrespective of its type or brand, revolutionising how we interact with the world around us.

Imagine a simpler future where you can use your smartphone to control and monitor any type or brand of device, from solar to sensor. Imagine if you could replace all your apps and remotes with one simple app, or view and manage the energy usage of every device in your home from the convenience of your phone.

The world’s first device browser is set to deliver that dream! This new technology, soon to be released into a range of smarthome products, simplifies how we will connect and interact with devices around us.

At the heart of these devices is a new technology called Auto Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) where the device describes itself to DeB on the phone.

Simply put, the device teaches the phone how it is controlled – so DeB can even control devices that are not invented yet!

Xped have developed a range of products and services that form an entire IoT platform that benefits manufacturers, retailers, service providers and consumers.

The first product Xped is releasing is on Kickstarter – an ADRC Shield for Arduino developers.




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