Xped aquired Jemsoft Group in May 2017. 

The Jemsoft Group is headed by Jemsoft Pty Ltd, a computer vision and artificial intelligence company with a deep technology stack and the market proven ability to deliver on large scale projects.  Xped owns 100% of Jemsoft Pty Ltd.  Jemsoft has delivered several AI based projects in a number of industries, from hardware solutions, security, computer vision and machine learning solutions in a number of markets including the media sector. Jemsoft has completed projects for many clients and organisations including global conglomerates, SMEs, Government and various startups. Jemsoft's IP includes Monocular Coginitive API, patents, and Jemlib.

Jemsoft is a proven AI solution house with a strong management team and media sector ties. This acquisition adds a substantial piece in Xped’s larger vision of building a complete end to end Internet of Things platform. By leveraging Jemsoft’s advanced software and cloud-based expertise, Xped will implement leading artificial intelligence and consumer friendly technologies into its platform. With a view to revenue growth and diversification, Xped management is keen to build onJemsoft’s previous engagements in the media sector. Through working with Media Intelligence Co. we can expand Xped’s current offerings through the development of Jemsoft’s leading and proprietary computer vision technology in addition to identifying and advancing the potential existing synergies between programmatic advertising and connected devices, vehicles and smart homes.

The aquisition also provided Xped with 56% ownership of Media Intelligence Co.  Media Intelligence Co makes use of software to provide real-time and after-the-fact insights and measurements for brands and media owners alike.