Manufacturers can differentiate their product offering from their competitors by implementing the Xped’s Auto Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) technology stack into their product offering.

The ADRC solution for product manufacturers


  • Xped has a patented solution that allows a simple 1 tap process to configure smart devices (ADRC enabled) for monitoring and control from their smartphone.

  • Xped has apps for both the most popular smartphone ecosystems, Apple and Android.

  • Xped has partnerships with chipset fabricators, or can work with new partners to embed their code.

  • Xped has a product registration solution based on MS Azure.  When customer connects to the device the customer and product details can be sent to Manufacturer establishing a 1 to 1 relationship.  Either use Xpeds provided web portal, or integrate with your existing ERP systems.

  • Monitor device performance, usage and faults through Xped developed RCP technology direct to the cloud

  • Xped can provide you with a Cloud Analytics engine, or integrate data with your existing data analytics solutions.

Xped has the solution to turn your product into a Smart IoT device today.



  • No need to develop, maintain or support your own app, code stack, or cloud solution

  • Inexpensive ADRC enabled chipsets

  • Apps for both Apple and Android smartphones

  • Cloud product registration system

  • Simple Licensing Model

Xped's ADRC provides an inexpensive and rapid go to market soluton for product manufacturers

Get started today.  Contact Xped for more information.