Xped is a Microsoft Partner and has developed its product registration system, a key component of the Auto Discovery Remote Control (ADRC) platform, utilising the Microsoft Azure platform. 

Xped chose to develop on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform as it provides the security, flexibility and rapid scalability that is required for the ADRC product registration process.   Xped operates in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology sector and through partnerships expects to have millions of ADRC enabled devices in operation across the globe within a medium time frame. 

The Xped ADRC product registration system, when utilised in conjunction with the Xped App, can support automatic registration of the product using a single tap of the smartphone.  This provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity to develop a direct relationship with product consumers. 

Manufacturers can provide 
value added services to consumers through:

  • Product Registration System
  • Automatic software updates
  • Data analysis providing for product improvement
  • Upgrade offers to provide additional facilities
  • Discount coupon for companion products
  • Repair alerts to owner and manufacturer
  • Extended warranty offers
  • Accessory store
  • Major overall improvement in support
Manufacturers are totally transformed from box movers to service providers.
The key to this solution is that manufacturers do not need to develop or maintain their own software or system. They simply utilise the ADRC technology solution including the embedded ADRC Code, the
Xped App and the Xped Product Registration System.

By utilising a secure, scalable, and global platform such as Azure, Xped has the confidence that the Product Registration System will successfully support a global customer base.