Xped has developed a digital coupon solution, Xerts,  specifically for the retail industry. 

Two significant challenges for any retail business are how to get paying customers into their retail outlets, and then how to retain them as loyal customers once they have.  The Xped Xerts digital coupon technologies provide a smart technology solution to both.
Leveraging the dependence on smartphones in consumer’s everyday lives Xerts provides a unique way for retailers to communicate and promote to their customers.

How to get paying customers into your store?

Xerts Enabled Advertising

It’s hard to walk through a shopping mall or retail space without having some form of advertising to consumers.  Each ad competing, tempting them to do something; most often to make a purchase now or in the future.  The key objective for the advertiser is to insert a memory into the consumer’s mind that will be triggered at a later point in time, prompting them into action.  Xerts does just that!

Xerts can be used to transform static advertising, such as that found in video kiosks, bus stops or shopping malls, into an interactive coupon distribution point.  Coupons can be assigned and synchronised according to the advertisement being shown.  The consumer is invited to tap their smartphone onto the Xerts collection point located on the advertisement\kiosk, and instantly, a coupon is inserted into their phone. 

The consumer can now go straight to a store to redeem that coupon offer or otherwise be reminded at an appropriate trigger point defined by the advertiser.  A date, time, or even upon entering a geographic location can all be trigger points.  For example a food retailer could trigger a promotion coupon just before lunchtime or when a consumer enters a food court space. 

How to turn customers into loyal customers?

Xerts Enabled Point of Sale

When a consumer pays for a service or product they can tap their smartphone as part of the purchase (using systems such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay), or
alternatively as part of a loyalty program used at point of sale.  Xerts can simply insert a coupon into their smartphone at that time. 

The coupon can be as generic or as specific as the retailer likes.  The real power in Xerts is that it allows the retailer to customise the coupon according to the merchandise purchased.  For example, a discount on printer ink when a new printer is purchased or spare batteries or accessories for that cordless power tool, or a bonus drink with purchase of a meal.   A whole range of accessories or associated products could be offered by using the Xerts digital coupon solution. 

Another advantage of the Xerts solution is that the coupon can be configured to trigger based on various retailer defined options.  For example, the coupon could be triggered on a certain date or at a certain time or at a certain location.  Imagine if your customer was entering a large shopping centre and suddenly gets a discount coupon targeted specifically at them on their phone.  This will put your store and your products at front of their mind, increasing significantly the likeliness that they will purchase again and increase consumer retention and loyalty. Xerts does just that!

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