Solekai Systems

Xped has signed a license agreement with Solekai Systems. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Solekai can incorporate Xped’s Smart Home, Smart Health, and Smart Gateway solutions into their existing customer’s platforms such as media players, set-top boxes, and energy management systems. 

Xped will provide Solekai branded versions of the Xped App customised for a Virtual Gateway, a Smart Home solution, and a Smart Health solution. 

Xped and Solekai are working collaboratively on integrating Xped’s technologies into their solutions.    Solekai will extend the Xped reach into their customer base that includes major STB, Gateway, and Media Device manufacturers. 

Solekai Systems is a US company based in San Diego.  They are a privately held company formed in 2002.  Solekai Systems is a leading software design services and integration company.  They specialise in Digital Media, Smart Grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Connected Health and Internet of Things.   

ASX Market Release: ASX Release 22.2.2017