Umbo – Xped ADRC Hub

Umbo – Xped ADRC Hub or just Hub contains our Auto-Discovery Remote Control technology. It acts as a translator between Wi-Fi on the phone and the 802.15.4 radio on the Xped ADRC Shield for Arduino. Also it is able to run advanced apps such as a rules engine or an energy monitoring service which may be available in the future. And finally it will provide a secure interface to the Internet so that you can safely control your projects when you are away from home.

Hub Specifications

Communication interfaces

Ethernet for connection to Wi-Fi router
802.15.4 radio for connection to devices
NFC for touch to devices and phones


Raspberry Pi model B+
SD-Card: 1 GB


TCP networking adaptor
ADRC device server

Hub Services

Application API

RCP host protocol via TCP adaptor for network clients
TCP host protocol via D-Bus for local clients

Device API

RCP wire protocol via PAN interface

Data warehousing

Raw device event logs in compressed CSV text files


Internet connection using SSL or TLS
PAN connection using individual AES-128 point to point encrypted links