What is ADRC

Xped's Auto Discovery Remote Control  (ADRC) provides all the functionality required for a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution.  ADRC simplifies the way we interact with the multitude of devices and appliances we use every day.

Smartphone App

  • Single App to Monitor and Control any 'Thing' (embedded with ADRC)
  • Available for both Apple and Android
  • One Tap automatic configuration of 'Things'
  • Monitor & Control on premise without Internet access
  • Monitor & Control securely from anywhere over the internet

Resource Control Protocol

  • Transfers RML files
  • Transfers commands
  • Natively supports unsolicited events
  • Developed specifically for devices

Resource Modelling Language

  • Device Description
  • Describes capabilities and attributes
  • Complex 'Things' can have multiple RML files
  • Developed specifically for devices

ADRC Server Software (IoT Gateway)

  • Open source software developed by Xped
  • Manages Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Manages 'Things' using files system of RML files & Pairing table
  • Manages security keys for secure communications
  • Communicates with ADRC 'Things' over IEEE 802.15.4 protocol

ADRC IoT Stack

  • Available in Telink TLSR8269F512 Chip
  • Available in Intel Moon Island Gateway PCI-e module
  • Provides all functionality for a Thing to be ADRC enabled
  • NFC connectivity for One Tap on-boarding
  • 802.15.4 connectivtiy
  • Device proxy
  • Security Management
  • File storage for Manufacturer specific RML files

ADRC Product Registration System

  • Cloud Software Solution built on Microsoft Azure platform
  • Automatic Device Registration
  • Automatic Customer Registration
  • Streaming of Device Usage Data
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Monitor Usage and State
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Manufacturer Web Portal
  • Optional interface to existing Manufacturer ERP & data analysis systems


  • Extremely lightweight, running on smallest and lowest power processors
  • 'Things' can remain powered down, only waking to communicate as necessary
  • ADRC devices can monitor and publish their energy usage
  • ADRC devices do not need to run heavyweight protocols eg. TCP/IP
  • Developed specifically for IoT 'Things'

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