What is Xerts?

Xerts digital coupons provide advertisers new ways to trigger opportunities that can increase brand loyalty


Xped’s Xerts is digital coupon transfer and trigger technology developed and patented by Xped.  

Leveraging the dependence on smartphones in consumer’s everyday lives
Xerts provides a unique way for advertisers and retailers to promote to their customers.

It’s hard to walk through a shopping mall or retail space without being exposed to some form of advertising. 
Each advertisement is competing for attention and trying to trigger an action; which is most commonly to make a purchase now or in the future.

The key objective for the advertiser is to insert a memory into the consumer’s mind that will be triggered at a later point in time, prompting them into action.  Xerts does just that!

Xerts Technology Platform

Web Management Interface

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Simple user interface
  • On demand reporting services
  • Software as a Service

Highly Configurable

  • Many coupons can be configured
  • Customer supplied images
  • Assign coupons to 1 or many sites
  • Configurable duration
  • Assign number of coupons to be issued
  • Track success of coupons per offer, per site or per vendor

Triggers can be set by:

  • Date & Time
  • Geographic Location
  • Any Combination of these


  • Assigned directly to web browser on mobile phone
  • Stored in Xped App

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