Xerts Overview

Xerts is digital coupon transfer and trigger technology solution patented by Xped.   

Leveraging the dependence on smartphones in consumer’s everyday lives Xerts provides a unique way
for advertisers and retailers to promote to their customers.

It’s hard to walk through a shopping mall or retail space without being exposed to some form of advertising. 
Each advertisement is competing for attention and trying to trigger an action; which is most commonly to make a purchase now or in the future. 

The key objective for the advertiser is to insert a memory into the consumer’s mind that will be triggered at
a later point in time, prompting them into action.  Xerts does just that!

Xerts is a technology platform containing all the features and functions to allow advertisers and retailers to attract and retain customers through the use of smart technology. Xped's Xerts solution is highly customisable to meet the individual needs of specific retailers and advertisers.  The management portal provides up to the minute control, and success tracking of coupons, allowing the retailer\advertiser to adapt the offer to maximise return on investment.  The Xerts solutions has very low cost upfront and ongoing costs.

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